About Us

Stowe Lighthouse is a ministry of the Brethren In Christ Church. We began ministry here in the late 1930’s, as mission church and thrift shop, supplying help to the poor and needy in Stowe.

In 1948 the present church was opened at 527 Glasgow Street, beginning a full-time ministry to the neighborhood.

In 1998, under Pastor Tom Francis, and dedicated team of teachers and volunteers, Stowe Lighthouse Christian Academy was founded. A Lighthouse was chosen as the symbol of our mission to the area; the motto in our bulletin being “A Lighthouse to the Lost and a Hospital to the Hurting.” This fulfilled the vision of our late deacon Clarence Krepps, who had seen a bright light on a hill in Stowe.

Now under the pastorship of Mike Bowen, our church looks to hold up these existing ministries as well as embarking on new outreach programs to both help those in need and to spread the gospel.

Through the years Stowe Lighthouse has taken on a flavor of love and acceptance; ministering to so many who have been wounded and hurt by life and circumstances; always pointing them to prayer, the word of God, and fellowshipping around the bible. Recognizing that it Jesus Christ who is our Savior and healer, we always give room for growth and maturity by coming alongside those who wish it.

We invite all to come as they are, and let the Holy Spirit minister to them in love and forgiveness and praise. Our services are always open to the leading of the LORD, which adds a sense of expectancy and excitement every time the doors are open.